assalamualaikum 1447 17022016

my mom's birthday. called her. wished her. i sensed her smiles throughout the conversation. i MISS u.

if this is a dream i want to wake up now.. suddenly felt some coldness from a warm one. :( sorry.. wrong timing maybe?

maybe i can't share my big smiles just like what she has now. it's not jealousy but i was just unintentionally comparing my life with her. she may not have the du to do anything. But she does has that doer that can do things for her. Alhamdulillah.

hmm.. anyways there's a knot in my chest. and my eyes are hot and blurry.

did i dropped by for quite too long at zem's house last night? and made all this came right in front of my face? i can't believe it.


last week we had a long break leave as our boss decided to stay longer at his hometown in muar. it was chinese new year celebration week and alike our hari raya, most of malaysian chinese (or maybe most of my chinese friends) are celebrating this festival for the whole new month of the lunar year. so like you all know, there'll be deafening firecrackers and fireworks booms everywhere.. like literally.. everywhere.

and i'm not really disturbed by the sound, what i hate is i can't get the view of "fire flowers" like i always do in our old house in gunung rapat. yup. i MISS u lot 1023. how are you?

my sister was admitted to GH due to her "complexities" i must say. 6th till 10th Feb. Glad that she's okay now. always following her heart. it's not wrongful but i think it's just too much. i know all these while must be very frustrating for her. but i think things could be better if she keep/kept the promises she made to her doctors.

I had a dream. Of us. Doing things together. This dream I don't want to wake up from.

and i hate that i MISS him so much that i imprudently texted and making unanswered calls and made myself worried about him at all. So yes. Congratulations for bringing back that memory to me. unpleasantly.

I remember that he said that he'll not say anything about his trip to KL if i went out. so so. emm is this that one time? seriously. i'm clueless.

though so, Y S A.



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