Thursday, September 17, 2015

Heartaway :)

My heart went on a vacation
In which somebody's said wants to come along but he didn't
When my kind of 'sayang' sang by Shae but his is KRU's
When he sang me blue night while all I'm seeing is black
When what I want was walking at the sandy beach he brought me to a hard, rocky one
When he said what I have is honesty and he chose to delay his
And there's nothing wrong with that all.
How I hate myself for breaking my own pledge
How I hate myself for not regretting anything
How I hate myself for still praying for your happiness
Am I too blind or was blinded?
All I want is u to be happy.
And I'm content with that
I hope u won't vanish
And I'm trying. Always trying to be understanding.
Because I happened to know that you've been through a lot
Thank you for sharing that lot with me, good or bad, fun or sad.
Thank you for even think that I'm unique.
Thank you for spending your rush hours with me.
It's not sympathy.
I do want to make u happy.
Since u said that your home is empty.
But you're not saying that there's a reason for that emptiness
These were us and still are us.
Both are melancholic, hopeless romantic.
Let's us just be just us.
And your other fledglings.

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