Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life update

Assalamualaikum 0118 17 June 2015

In the past two days, the time seems moving too fast for my pace. Is it me who acted so sloth-ly or what? It's already 0118 and am still doing laundry. Ai.. ngantukla..

Last night I cooked whatever recipe using soy sauce and had it with some warm rice and serunding bilis brought by my mom. She's here with ayah for a short course in ILSAS. Hehe. Miss ya already. Padahal baru je jumpa. Standard.

Ayah commented on my new instant button headscarf. Hehe. He kinda like it. Simple dia kata. I am a happy chick. Still can't get over it. X boleh move on. I like the tudung too. Rasa ni la kot the only instant tudung yg best yang boleh terima dalam banyak2 design Kat dunia. Poyo ranger. :p

Pagi ni ada birthday party kt office harap boleh bangun awal tuk beli karipap. Lady boss suka sgt karipap.

Last weekend I was having great time with my sister cousin nana. She lives in manjung. She wanted to have a really thorough look on what jalan tar and masjid India has to offer. We actually booked  a hotel very close to the Saturday's pasar malam area. Poyo kan. We were on leave that last Friday. I feel like have been on a-week vacation. I think that's the power of sleeping outside of your home. Just to have a different environment as a retreat. To refresh your mind. Luckily, my office handphone did not rang of any work-related calls and messages. Alhamdulillah  really. I feel at ease.

So this cousin of mine spent a few hundreds on tudung and other accessories. She's been saving while dreaming for this trip to happen. Lawak je.

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