Friday, October 31, 2014

heartbreak cake

assalamualaikum, 1613 friday 31 october 2014 

last two weeks i found a simple microwave lemon pudding recipe. when i read it, i'm sure that it is actually a normal lemon sponge cake mix with lemon curd for topping.

i don't have a microwave oven here in ss 19, so i just used our conventional oven to bake at 200 degree celcius for 20 minutes. (it may differ depending on your ovens)

and voila! heartbreak cakes! hahaha.. because it's tangy lemony flavour. the swirls on top of the cakes are baked meringues, each one of them looks happy despite of having a bad name. 

I've made jumbo size cupcakes and little ones. i think with the level of sweetness and presentation wise, the little ones look more appropriate and cuter.  

and i'm happy baking these for my lovely friends.

these little ones ordered by my cousin

till then! 

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