It's already 27th September 2013. Today is my Uncle, Pakjang's birthday. Happy birthday Pakjang!

Okay. Last night Mijah and I went to One Utama to watch a film entitled "RUSH" which based on a true story of 70's Formula One racers.

I hope one of my large family members will bring my uncle to watch this film. He must be very happy to watch it as he is a biography books collector, an F1 lover and utmostly, 70s must be the time of his life; where he built his passions of everything he love today.

A d r e n a l i n e R U S H

The movie is a tribute to the late James Hunt (sort of) .. told by his rival; an Austrian racer, Niki Lauda but I believe he may be the best friend who actually understands Hunt the most.

Hunt won the 1976 Formula One which ended in Japan which was the only championship he won the first prize.

I highly recommend this film to all though the scenes might only be appropriate for those aged 18 and above; of its value and rush that it shown.

As usual, fortunately get to watch films earlier than its actual screening date. Those tickets were sponsored by Cinemaonline and I got it from Broframestone again. Thank you batu! 

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  1. hehe baru nampak komen ni.. tahniah sekali lagi atas kelahiran fisha :)


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