You're still the one

Feeling like updating my blog. It's a picture reposted from my instagram.
Packed Tortillas (any flavours) hek.. I don't want to waste my time on things that I know not my forte.
Chicken breasts cut into 3 inch strips
Mccormick garlic flavoured season & fry
Iceberg lettuce
Diced tomatoes
Red capsicum
Sliced cheese
Chilli sauce, mayonaise, any sauce to suit your taste
1. Season the meat.
2. Heat some oil in the pan to fry the chicken breasts or just use air fryer for healthier choice.
3. Make sure the strips cooked well.
4. Heat the tortillas in a non-stick pan. Shred the cheese slices and spread randomly on the tortillas until melted.
Do not turn the side with cheese onto pan.
5. Put it on a plate and start filling with the chicken meat and vegetables.
6. Put some sauce and roll or fold it carefully.
Emm Tadaaaaahhh!!!


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