Wednesday, May 16, 2012


in a few days i'll be joining a landscape company in sg buloh as assistant landscape designer. the person in-charge is my studio mate in university. she said that my job scope is design simple landscape appearances for the water features they provided for the respective clients. other than that, i'll be doing some marketing tasks at the nursery or during exhibition. it' kind of exciting for me but it's still confusing in term of my family's understanding.

there's nothing so protective compare to their protection and guide towards me and other family members. not only in the nucleus family, the protection also received from our extended family. it's not that i'm not in favour of their concern and care but sometimes it's kind of stuffy when everything has to be properly stated and briefed before doing or trying something. i think it's time to let me have more percentage of say of what i should decide to do. i admit that i still can do whatever i like; they are giving support i need and i really appreciate that.

one more thing, suddenly i'm also applying for a government job in ipoh. the recruitment notice just came out and my friend YAN told me about it. again it's making me confused here as i'm setting my mind to work in sg buloh, while my mother; emm i think she prefers me to work here in ipoh. it's a delightful opportunity to be a government servant with good salary and many benefits to be indulged. i hope i can finish doing all necessary preparation for that application by this week for the dateline is on may 28th 2012.

talking about this week, i have plenty order to make and to be sent to someone in malacca before may 17th. and more flowers to be done for someone's wedding in august. august?? my friend anis ask me to be her maid of honour. homai. it's going to be my first experience of being one. haha. i don't know what's going to happen and my feelings are all come together. is it an excitement? i'm a bit nervous because i think that i have to put on effort to look good on the days of celebration as she is marrying our friend from the same school, izafazli. i don't know who'll be the best man. i hope he's someone i know so that i won't feel awkward. what colour should i wear ye?

i'm looking forward to keep sewing and do crafty things during my past time; no matter where i settle down later. it's my top passion after all.


  1. tahniah dan selamat maju jaya

    done folow :p

  2. Moga berjaya dalam hidup ^__^

    Susah tak menjahit ni kak? Macam jahit baju semua tu lama tak baru siap?

  3. thank u.. dayteen lea..

    menjahit baju tak susah kalau dah tahu caranya.. tapi saya tahu jahit benda2 kecik je..craft purpose only arham


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