Thursday, March 22, 2012

sesungguhnya blogging adalah hobi yang pelik

sesungguhnya blogging adalah hobi han yang paling tak aktif. :D hanya akan berblog bila rasa tak tahan, tak dapat nak luahkan perasaan pada orang lain. lawak.. patutnya boleh je kalau nak tulis kat diari kan.. hmm tak paham. entry kali ni pasal mimpi. mimpi orang kata mainan tidur. ada yang kata, kalau mimpi orang bercakap, tu mimpi dari syaitan. kalau mimpi orang tu duk tenung, senyum diam je.. dia rindu kat kita. mimpi kena patuk ular, ada yang nak datang merisik (sekadar menyatakan beberapa contoh dari banyak contoh lain). macam-macam lah kata orang kan. tah betul tah tidak.

kes han pulak, asyik mimpi specific persons berulang kali and the emotions are there, making the dreams felt real. the theme may be a little bit ridiculous and somehow intellectual, and very heart-warming. hehe. well, well, i guess i dreamed bout the persons just too much.

oh! today is my father's birthday. happy birthday yah! he's 57 now. dan masih belum bersara. sangat rajin pulak tu.

ok sambung pasal mimpi. hari ni mimpi pasal orang yang jual selendang tu. sekali lagi nama tidak didedahkan sebab ni blog public. nanti korang kenal, malulah i kan. okay, we were at this place yang macam dah sedikit rundown dan konon-kononnya kat melaka. i remembered the place is called "25 years shops". it's quite unique kan? it's actually a row of shoplots and they're closing for good. standing with me looking at the shopkeepers cleaning their shops was the selendang guy. lepas tu kitorang kena panjat batu. macam a pile of rocks in front of the shops to get away from there. sadly, it seems like the old shops will be torn down for a new development, but there were no signs of people coming and really utilize the existence of the shoplots.

and suddenly we're macam at a hospital together. i said, "sorry, actually i called my ex-bf AL like what i call you now." it's a bit confusing, even for myself, because actually the selendang guy's name has nothing to do with the word "AL". AL for ALIAA FARHANA la sekarang ni. and he actually sulked, adorably. haha

and then we went to a bus station to return to ipoh. he bought 3 tickets; for himself, kakak pink's(nazihah) and mine. pelik, again. i'm not that close to that kakak. but he bought them sharply on the time the bus departed. i ran to get hold of that bus. it's an old school bus used for this journey. all the pelik things actually happened in my dreams lately; err setiap kali? :D okay, so i ran fast enough and amazingly went through a small hill, and get to talk to the driver to pick up us at the station. haha. the bus driver was mouth fighting with another bus driver.

so we're on the bus, and i was sitting beside him. he'd eaten the bait. i put my recognizable red cushion at a two-sitter seat and he actually chose that seat over other empty seats. hehehehe.. daihappy!

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