Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rice croquettes

are you tired of transforming leftover rice to fried rice? you can try this recipe. i don't know if there any other similar recipes out there, but this was simply cooked logically. hahaha..

boiled potatoes (mashed)
onion (finely chopped)
garlic (finely chopped)
ginger (finely chopped)
black pepper (coarse ground)
potato flour

cream crackers
fried chicken flour

oil for frying

- mix everything in (1) nicely, you'll fine the gooey texture will start forming. you can use ladle or spoon to stir or even hand to mix all up.
- blend everything in  (2) to make breadcrumbs for covering the (1) mixture for frying. make sure the cornflakes and cream crackers are coarsely crushed or if you like, you can use food processor to finely crushed them. (note: the fried chicken flour usually has already added with salt)
- heat the oil, i used shallow oil for frying.
- spoon the (1) mixture into the breadcrumbs. coat it nicely, pick it up and make it firm by gently press the breadcrumbs into the mixture. make small or bigger sizes according to your liking.
- fry them with low heat until golden brown at both sides, drain the excess oil.
- voila! time to enjoy the croquettes!

*some may choose to fry in deep oil/ deep fryer for even golden colour. i want it to be healthier as the croquettes will suck up oil in.

the recipe is basically using rice and you can mix in almost anything into them; more spices, meat, or seafood, more vegetables, more potatoes, tomatoes for colour, just anything! just make sure the final batter is a little bit sticky and gooey before you coat with breadcrumbs.

 croquettes are nice because it's crunchy at the outside but amazingly soft in the inside. there are versions of croquettes including french croquettes and Japanese korokke. i especially made my croquettes into bite sizes to replace/ look like nuggets. well, you can opt for this for your children too, if they ever asked for nuggets!


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