Oh how I wish to write like you guys. I always stuck when trying to write an interesting post. At the end, the sentences will all be monotonous and sparkling.. not.

Just about 2 days ago, I attended a mini gathering organized by BLOGGER PERAK at Kinta City, Ipoh. Yeah, we had a great time there, singing our hearts out and hurting our hands playing bowling afterwards. This is the first time I ever attended such gathering, first time of seeing each of them, and knew them a little bit more than just commenting each other's typos on the group's wall. :D

In summary, I didn't spend much money that day, that's  making me happy.

I always missing this type of fun which I had with my college friends. Now that most of them are married, suddenly I feel that I'm no longer together in this league. Yup, everybody has been moving on and I kept lingering at the same corner; waiting for the unknown.


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