Wednesday, October 5, 2011

oat milk

i love oatmeal. that's a fact.

some people may not love even dare to have oatmeal due to its gooey and sticky being after put into hot water.

there's an option of having oats in your drink. this recipe is definitely not one of the regular 3 in 1 packets of drinks which have added sugar.

you just have to have milk powder of any favourite brands of yours, instant oatmeal and some iced water.

put desired amount of oatmeal and milk powder into a food processor and blend until the oatmeal became powdered too. you can blend with iced water or make them into powder first then you add water and stir until mixed well.

the iced water won't make the oatmeal expand rapidly but be sure to drink it immediately. some may have it just like that or you can strain the mixture first if you don't like the taste of some oatmeal pieces which didn't powdered well.

now you have oat milk!


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  2. oh i'm sorry. i didn't know that. i'll put them down after this. thanks for the reminder.. :D


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