Saturday, September 24, 2011

RIP Sean.

it is a sad day for my family and i when one of our cats died this morning. i don't know what's his disease, all i know is he's been being very stiff and lifeless for quite sometime. a few weeks before raya he was fighting with other cats or house musang. since then he's been quiet and always lying down. yesterday and the day before, he was not moving. i tried to bring him to their food, calling his name, and he'd reply with very slow, weak meowing. the body also like falling, and flat. last night he was just lying under my dad's car and breathing weakly. i touched him, having thought that he's already dead. when i search for him today, i found him lying at the side of the house; behind the asbestos piece. luckily it wasn't raining last night or the carcass would be soaking wet. for SEAN, rest in peace babe..  al-fatihah.
his mother, MAGGIE also been missing for a week or so. maybe she went for a trip.. but i'm afraid that she won't be back forever.


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