after 16 years, you're still there. untouchable.. yet detachable

december 7 2009 is always on my mind
meeting you again is one of the very few greatest events in my life
looking at you is the most rewarding i feel
i'm happy and nervous at the same time
i act awkwardly and can't think straight
feeling like laughing at my pure stupidity
at last i just hide and keep busy with the cake i promised
i really want to talk to you
but i guess i'm just too shy
it's been 16 years but i never get bored over you
i grow even more fond of you and becoming more shy year after year



  1. Hani, jemputlah adah kawen ahad ni 11 september kat dewan banquet upm. Adah takde han punye fb lah?

  2. eh yeke.. congrats! 11 sept mungkin ade kenduri kat sini.. tapi kalau tetibe ade di kl insya allah han pergi ok.. :D thanks


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