Saturday, July 30, 2011

new post

so dah tamat la sebulan aku kerja si manjung ni.
gaji pun dah dapat.
ha? sebab apa sebulan je?
sebab projek dah habis la..
dah kerja dengan syarikat alat ganti kapal, what do you expect?
takkanla aku nak nak reka kapal pulak..
di luar bidang kuasa la pulak kan.. emm bagus jugak kan kalau belajar pasal kapal kan?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mereka sangat suka berkahwin

dewan majlis bandaraya ipoh

seorang lagi dah kahwin 23 julai 2011 yang lalu.
sharifah zhafarina empunya diri, pasangannya adli reza senior kami
diijab kabul lepas asar 22 julai 2011.

sheypottt comelll! but why she looks shrunken?
tapi memang lawa la..
venue: ipoh town hall..
food: boleh tahan
kompang: ada dua pasukan kompang. yang tg rambutan tu memang best ah!
hujan lebat!

ada juga najmi yg tengah gile fixie tu, aboo zareem dan gf/tunang, ezmeer, dan siapa tah lagi.. member sirap. :D

nasib ada Lope dan wani. so tumpang diorang sampai kat kete anis. lely ade.. kejap je.. sebab ade family day. dibah dtg dgn hubbynye.. comel.. dibah ade perut.. ade baby kat dalam.. :D

sheypott.. muge bahagia ye..

Friday, July 8, 2011

this was written yesterday

July 7th 2011 i really need to let this out!


Today is my 7th day becoming a worker of REGAIN INDUSTRY SDN BHD and I am in my office in Manjung. I got to know more people; from the company, boss’ son: Along Fizz, the boss: Mr. Kamzol and the branch director: Mr Razali. And people from the NAVY (TLDM) who are: Dato’ Ghani and Dato’ Jailani. The other officers are also very presentable and smart looking. I don’t know whether I’ll be long here in Manjung or not. I’m praying for the best and let Allah wills the rest.

The office is not a very pleasant one as I have to go back to my relatives’ house during lunch hour just to use the toilet and solat. I don’t mind for now because it’s just 5 minutes’ drive from here. The projects I’m involve in are from the NAVY base in Lumut; interior design and landscape design. Alhamdulillah. I’m trying my best to deliver my knowledge to them and let them decide.




Today, just like yesterday, I want the day to ends quickly, I want to go back and rest or just do anything but work.




I was listening to the music while doing photoshop. And I WILL SURVIVE appeared and suddenly reminding me of AL which I broke his heart more than 2 years ago. Guess what, I broke my heart too. L My heart started to mellow. Yeah I miss him a lot but I dare not contacting him anymore because I’m afraid that I’ll cause him problem with his wife, if he really had one. I feel like making a call and say hi to him and ask his doings now. I’m still single since the break off, and keeping falling in love to many people who are nice to me. Am I guilty? I didn’t express my feelings to any of them and suffocate me each time I tried hiding my heart’s rampage. Is this the payback that I should receive?

Can I cry?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

But I’m so sorry AL.