this coming Saturday will be my cousin Nadia's wedding. so we've help her and her family all sorts of things, from making bead brooches to berinai (using henna to decorate hands and feet).

so for not wasting the henna that we used, liah and i put the henna on our 10 hand fingers too. hahaha.. excited kan..

it's kinda cool wearing henna at this age coz people will not stop asking questions; friends not excluded.


i like wearing henna anyways.. it makes my hands look prettier (it's already pretty, alhamdulillah).

i love weddings for they contain too much love and kindness of everybody involves. starts from the wedding plan, where the family sit and think together about the theme, the date and etc.. until the wedding day, the guests; mostly are close members of the family and friends supporting the event, and came with smiles and sincerely prepared presents and other gifts which the host doesn't really looking into. their attendance is enough to show their appreciation for what the host prepared for the guests.

finally the time has now come for our big sister, nadia fuzi to end her single life. we handed you to the hands of your chosen man, fainur mustafa, which we trust, upon our lives to guide you, to love you and to look after you.

we love you so much!


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