Wednesday, September 29, 2010

maxis postpaid to hotlink

emm.. recently i'm facing problems with both maxis postpaid plan and maxis broadband. i don't know why i always have to skip the payment and at the end, it brings me to the extend that i have to suspend my line to stop the bill increasing. why is it so? because i used too much sms which is costly if u use postpaid plan which benefits those who like to voice call instead of texting.

T A H I.

so i'm thinking of changing from postpaid plan to prepaid plan which i think can help me from indebted to maxis after this. grr... postpaid got higher sms rate compare to prepaid plan.

from the commercial i saw on tv, it does looks good but i'm not sure what will happen if i really change to hotlink. firstly i don't like to go to a shop to buy the top up ticket. secondly, we are not always mingle around 24 hours store to get those tickets when needed. with postpaid i don't have to top up,but only have to collectively pay for the bill at the end of the month.
enough credit. i always have it expired rather rm0.00 credit. yeah i like it!

so what do you think? should i change to prepaid plan or not? i'll go and pay the suspended bill anyways.. but the way i'm using my phone for, should i keep sticking to postpaid plan?

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