my my my

he appeared on my birthday!
alah kat facebook je pun..

see this!
it's my old bag..
which had been with me since the first week of matriculation program. (may 2003)
which is still my favourite bag.

this is a recipe which we call it as 'oat casserole'
yummy and filled with healthy ingredients

and this is my cute little birthday cake i bought for myself today (i'm not making myself sound pathetic, ok) .. yummy light orange mousse with a dark chocolate piece and dark chocolate ball

and another thing, it's a trial.. emm :p

emm that's all for today
actually i went to the studio at 10 pm to wipe the floor (kat my area je)
balik kul 1.00 am
nasib baik ade si liza.. tumpang motor die sampai roundabout
ok good night baby..

anne!! how are u?


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