i'm reading Rooftop Rant by Hlovate.
satu han nak highlight kat sini, my family is quite a happy family
dua, han takde member nak brainstorm idea.
tiga, i just wanna be an artist! salah ke?
empat, hlovate nye karya, semua best!!!

i can't sleep last night.
but i dozed off at 4 o'clock kot.
then, bangun subuh and sambung tido sampai pukul 1030 pagi.
memang best sebab dah lame tak rase agak relax macam tu.

dah termimpi pulaknye..
i was reading a novel kot on a long bench.
then, kiddo datang, put on interest to what i was reading and put his face very near to me.
ceh. what the..
then at a different place, there is an unknown guy.
cannpt remember or maybe just a random guy, taking care of me.
and i feel very comfortable with him around.

then, everything shut off.

tamat.. hehehe..

what a waste.. (abai's)

live well or live hell? you choose.

i'm the one yang patut choose what i'm gonna do will my life

saya tak ada abang atau kakak

more on hlovate's novel >> here


  1. han...me too love hlovate..~most of her collection i have...owh....believe me,mmg best pom...thumbs up!

  2. kan kan kan? uuu.. waiting for 'VERSUS'. as for now i'm wanting her novel everyday.. aA+bB dah bace 5 kali!! sejak sebulan lepas, dgn keje2 thesis.. kalau la boleh bace literature review cam tu, sure star! hehehe


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