an email from my lecturer

I've been browsing through my eamil inbox today and found many things which i really forgetten or tried to forget. most of them are some neglected messages from my friends and some others are forwarded messages which i cannot dare to dispose. some of them are from prof ismawi. this is one of the replies he sent on September 5, two years back.

How are you Kak Long? How's your sem break? I'm hoping to see you more active in the studio. Be a leader. Don't be in other peoples' shadows all the time. If you have problem, discuss it. Remember: SUCCESS ONLY COMES IF YOU DESPERATELY WANT IT.


can i be like what he's hoping to see? i always thought that I've been not good enough.. u see, he didn't even address me as kak long during the iftar in kaed recently. not even calling my name or call me a 'student'. it's a bit sad for me.


  1. you should show your talent especially in final year...

    because your course are tough subject which is high probability not getting the comfort position or salary.

    people now didn't see the working paper... but see you you confident them toward your paper.

    that what is meant by cruel world

  2. out of topic--> ku..aku.. single 3 he..23x xsemestinya..if muek xhensem tp ada cahaya keimanan di rupanya... dh masuk kes len tue he...23x

    belum lg yg xhensem tp duit masyuk huhuhuhu

  3. out lagi--> xdenye aku sekejam tue bg bnde murah2... wei ko nie... klu puluh2 xdenye aku kering di bulan syawal nie.... lum cover duit minyak g hari tue...

  4. hahaha.. kasihan dirimu... ala buat yang tercinta kan.. takkan nak berkire pulak.. repot..


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